What Churches are Involved?

Currently, W3 is a collaboration between several area churches and more to come. Any church and any student from the area is invited to join the team for this once a year event that has the potential to pull us all together around the two things we all love: Jesus and teenagers. For information on how you can get involved email jarm@exploresmc.org

Who will be responsible for my teenager?

Your teen will be under the care of the church you sign up with, that church's small group leaders, and host homes. While our large group sessions have all churches involved, the host homes and Saturday afternoon small group activities are organized by the church your teen attends. When you register, your teen's church small group leader will contact you with details as we get closer to the event.

Will my teen need spending money?

Yes. They will need money for lunch and dinner on Saturday plus any activities that your church is planning. Check with your church's youth leader for details of Saturday expenses.

How do you determine the cost for this event?

Many factors play into this decision. Some cost factors include: facility rental, production expenses, guest speakers and artist fees, transportation, etc. 

What if my student needs to leave & return for a sporting event?

First, make sure their youth leader or small group leader is aware of your plans. Contact them with details of departure and arrival times.

What if there is an emergency?

We will have your emergency number from registration to contact if needed. You will also have your teen's small group leader and host home number if you need to contact them.

How do I find out where my teen will be during the weekend?

Your teen’s group will be assigned a host home by your church before Walking Wisely. At that point, the small group leader should contact you with the necessary information.

What does my teen need to pack? 

  • Warm clothes for 2 days and 2 nights

  • A good coat for outdoor activities

  • Toiletries Towel and Washcloth

  • Pillow

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Bible

  • Pen

  • Journal or notebook

  • Spending money determined by your church's youth leader.



6:45     Registration/Check-in
7:30     SESSION 1
9:30     Go to Host Homes
10:00   SG Session 1 @Host Homes
12:00   Lights out


8:00     Breakfast @Host Homes
9:00     SG session 2 @Host Homes
10:00   Leave for Venue
10:30   SESSION 2
Noon    Lunch (students bring money for lunch out)
1:00     Afternoon Activities (up to each individual church) 
5:00     Dinner (at Host Homes or on your own)
6:30 SESSION 3
8:30     Go to Host Homes (Pick up t-shirts)
9:30     SG Session 3 @Host Homes
12:00   Lights out


9:00    Breakfast @Host Homes
9:30    SG Session 4 @Host Homes
 Leave for Your Home Church